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I have discovered weblogging rather late. As I have enough to do in my daily work, I should really ask myself why I start a weblog right now.

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The first chapter of this three-part introduction describes the most important components of Movable Type, as for example weblogs, authors, entries and page types.

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The second chapter of this three-part introduction gives an overview of templates and the process for generating the HTML.

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The third chapter of this three-part introduction describes the architecture and the expandability of Movable Type.

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Date Formats


Near an entry's title the date of creation is given. How can you change the format?

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In other weblogs you will often see the term "Permalink«. What is this? And where do you find this term in your Movable Type based weblog?

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mgs | 03/24/2005 | Permalink | Comments (2)

When creating the HTML-files, Movable Type is influenced by a couple of templates. With their help the final appearence of the created pages is defined. In the beginning you should best leave those templates untouched. But after you have mastered the Movable Type basics, you can change those templates in way so that the created website is according to your wishes.

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mgs | 03/27/2005 | Permalink | Comments (3)

Most weblogs allow a user to comment an entry. Unfortunately this good feature can be misused. Thus it is very important for a weblog owner to fully understand this subject.

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It is a common scenario to have a list of entries sorted by date of publication. As this list may be rather long, it is reasonable to group entries and mark each group with a distinct group header. If you want to group by day, you can use the MTDateHeader tag for this task. However, what can be done, if you prefer to group by months?

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